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Motorcycle Accidents: Man Survives Serious Crash


The Tennessee Highway Patrol is urging motor vehicle operators to watch for motorcyclists. Motorcycles are fast and small, making them easy to miss and easy for motorcycle accidents to occur. The highway patrol reports that 124 motorcycle accidents occurred in 2017, and they have already seen 53 in 2018.  Sadly, these accidents can also be fatal for the rider. One man recently experienced his own accident and has fortunately lived to recount the serious injuries he has suffered.

While he was riding his bike, another vehicle pulled out in front of the rider. Not able to stop, the motorcycle T-boned into the other vehicle. The man estimates that the impact of the collision sent the man and his bike in the air about 50 feet. To make matters worse, he slid for about another 50 feet.

The man was wearing boots and a helmet, but he did not escape from harm. He reports that he has suffered a collapsed lung, broken ribs, a broken foot, and a broken shoulder blade. The other motor vehicle operator has been charged in the accident. The charges include failure to yield, driving with a revoked license and driving with no insurance.

Suffering serious injuries due to the assumed negligence of another is overwhelming. Many victims of motorcycle accidents seek the assistance of a Tennessee personal injury attorney about options for compensation of medical expenses. In cases such as this one when an uninsured motorist is involved, an attorney can still be of assistance. Some riders may not be aware that they can file a claim against their own insurance, and attorneys can help file the claim.

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