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Car Accidents: 3 Vehicle Crash Claims 4th Victim


Tennessee roadways are important for the infrastructure and function of the state and all its occupants. When negligent driving occurs, serious car accidents can occur. Sadly, a man recently became the fourth victim of a deadly three-vehicle crash.

The accident occurred after a 53-year-old pickup truck driver crossed into a highway's continuous turn lane. Unfortunately, he went too far and ended up in the opposite lane of traffic, sideswiping another vehicle. The impact of the collision resulted in the other vehicle sliding to stop on the road, but the pickup truck rolled over many times, resulting in it striking a different sedan.  The truck finally came to a stop after it rolled over the sedan.

Sadly, there were multiple victims. Three victims in the first vehicle died not long after the accident, and there were three others who suffered injuries in between all the occupants of all three vehicles. The accident report indicated that the pickup truck driver was the only injured party that was not wearing a seatbelt, and he recently died from his injuries, becoming the fourth fatal victim. Authorities indicate that the pickup driver may have faced charges in relation to the accident but due to his death, no charges will be filed.

Car accidents such as this one are complicated and confusing. It is certainly difficult to sort out the details while recovering from injuries or processing the grief of a loved one. Many families of deceased victims find the advice of a Tennessee personal injury attorney helpful to understand their legal options or how to file an insurance claim when negligent parties may have become victims of an accident themselves.

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