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A connection between personal injury and hands-free devices?

Most Tennessee motorists carry some type of electronic equipment in their vehicles. Such items might include cellphones, iPods or GPS gadgets. Many people believe that as long as they use hands-free devices, they will be safe from personal injury. Evidence suggests this is not always the case.

Just because someone is not holding a cellphone or other device while driving does not necessarily mean he or she is not distracted. In fact, using hands-free telephone equipment to talk while driving places drivers at risk for cognitive distraction. It is generally impossible to have a coherent conversation without focusing on what is being said, and if the focus is on the conversation, it is not on the road and task of driving -- where it should be.

Will you link these delayed symptoms to your car accident?

Victims of car accidents in Tennessee might find that, even if the crash seems insignificant and there are no broken bones or open wounds, the consequences can be severe. Collisions typically cause whiplash, which often leaves damage that is initially disguised by adrenaline, only to become evident days or weeks later.

The force of the impact, the location of the impact, your position in the car, and whether you wore your seat belt will all affect the severity of your whiplash injuries. Even if you think you escaped the crash without injuries, it is always a good idea to have a medical evaluation, which could detect hidden damage. The sooner you get treatment, the sooner you will heal.

Legal support is often needed after a personal injury occurs

Before this year ends, many Tennessee residents will be injured. Some will be involved in workplace accidents. Others may wind up with serious injuries after car accidents or mishaps on another person's property. In addition to medical attention, it is helpful to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney if another person's negligence was a causal factor in a particular incident.

A moderate to severe injury might prevent you from returning to work right away. In fact, in some accidents, injuries might be so serious that a victim is never able to go back to work due to permanent disabilities. During recovery, medical bills, your mortgage payment and other expenses keep rolling in.

Will autonomous trucks stop truck accidents?

The trucking industry is constantly changing, generally for the better. Strides in technology improved safety standards to keep both truck drivers and the motorists they encounter safer. Other possible advancements may improve conditions even further.

One point the industry is considering is using autonomous trucks, or driverless trucks. It may be difficult to imagine now, but many experts think that the technology for autonomous trucks is coming quickly, perhaps even in the next three years. Regulations still have to catch up as lawmakers debate what is safest for society at large. Like most issues, there are pros and cons to consider that may affect you and your family here in Tennessee and around the country.

Tennessee worker transported to hospital after truck accident

The construction industry is known to be high risk for on-the-job injuries. Depending on a particular worker's assigned duties and the circumstances surrounding a specific project, the injury risk may be quite high. Many accidents involving construction workers also involve others, such as passing motorists, if a job site happens to be located near traffic. A truck accident recently occurred in Tennessee that sent a worker to the hospital with injuries.

The investigation following the collision is still active at this time. As often happens in such situations, there are numerous questions that remain unanswered. The severity of the worker's condition was not publicized. The worker in question was in a bucket truck when the crash occurred; however, no information was provided as to whether he was in the cab of the truck or the bucket at the time.

All the more tragic when car accidents involve children

When a motor vehicle collision occurs in Tennessee or elsewhere, there's always a risk for injury. Car accidents that result in injury or fatality to children are especially tragic. This was the case in a crash that happened on a recent Friday.

There were three vehicles involved in the collision. A child was traveling with two adults, one of whom was the mother. As their car navigated an intersection, a vehicle traveling in a cross direction slammed into their vehicle.

Every time you access a Tennessee road, you're at risk

Your life would no doubt become suddenly inconvenient if you were forced to function for an extended period of time without driving or traveling in a motor vehicle. While it might be possible to do so, chances are you'd rather have your car or motorcycle at your full disposal on a daily basis. There are downsides, however, to traveling by motor vehicle. For instance, you have pay for gasoline and find somewhere to park.

There are worse things about driving in Tennessee as well. You may, in fact, be at great risk for serious injury if a distracted or drunk driver is nearby. It's never pleasant to think of such possibilities, but it pays to know where to seek support ahead of time if another person hits you and causes you injury.

How should motorcyclists listen to music on the road?

There aren’t too many motorists and pedestrians in Nashville that don’t enjoy cranking out the tunes on the way to their destination. While music can certainly enhance your trip, it could also potentially distract you or affect your performance to the point where you end up in a major accident.

Out of the modes of transportation, motorcyclists are at a major disadvantage when it comes to listening while driving. Pedestrians aren’t always on the road and go at a much slower pace. Cars provide much more protection if the driver were to hit something or someone. If a motorcyclist gets too distracted by music, they can get themselves and others around them seriously hurt. They need to approach the issue differently and should think about how they want to listen to their favorite songs on the road by considering the following options:

How smartphone addictions and car accidents are related

Most adults in Tennessee either own a smartphone or know someone who does. Such devices took surfing the internet, cellular phone communication and advanced technology in general to a whole new level. The problem is that many people are now addicted to their smartphones and evidence suggests this may be closely related to an increase in car accidents.

Smartphone addiction often includes certain symptoms such as having trouble sleeping, irritability when denied access to one's phone and losing track of time due to excessive smartphone use. As with other types of addiction, a smartphone addict doesn't typically take well to suggestions that he or she has a problem. Current data shows at least one in eight people are addicted to smartphones.

Nashville Labor Day Weekend driving safety tips

It should come as no surprise that Nashville is one of the most popular southern destinations for Labor Day Weekend. The Music City celebrates the end of summer by throwing several concerts and festivals for residents and visitors from around the country to enjoy on their time off.

Even if you’re not in the mood for live performances, there are still plenty of barbecues and bar parties thrown throughout the city. While all that sounds like a fun time, it also isn’t exactly the safest holiday of the year. Last year at WalletHub, they stated 86 percent of Americans that traveled did so by car and that there was an estimate of over 420 traffic fatalities that would occur that year. With the amount of drunk and inexperienced drivers on the road, it’s crucial to formulate a game plan to stay safe while celebrating.

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