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Bird Scooter Debate Continues in Nashville


Perhaps you have seen them on the streets. Bird scooters are all the rage, as people of all ages are using them to zip around busy city streets. They're convenient and fast but are causing a legal frenzy. The scooters are also causing accidents for scooter riders, pedestrians and other motor vehicle drivers.

San Francisco and Los Angeles have reported that people hurt riding or hit by scooters have been calling legal firms to file claims. Many firms have carved out a spot on their websites dedicated to urging people to file scooter-related claims. You may be thinking the same thing as them, this is an accident waiting to happen.

Doctors are seeing an increase in injuries likely because of the scooters. Bird rules require all riders to wear a helmet when on the scooters, but few people are abiding by that rule. As the scooters are flocking to various cities, the company is improving its safety rhetoric, saying that the board will focus on increasing the safety of people riding in a car-centered world.

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