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Driving Dangers for Nashville Tourists


Thanks to its reputation as the “Music City,” Nashville attracts thousands of tourists to its premises every year. Plenty of people come to have a fun time as they embrace the city’s country music culture and explore the different sites it has to offer.

Unfortunately, Nashville is not one of the safest driving areas. Complex road systems and negligent drivers can put tourists at risk for a motor vehicle accident. If you plan on visiting Nashville sometime in the future, you should be aware of the various hazards that you might see on these streets.

Drunk drivers

Tennessee doesn’t actually have nearly as much of a DUI problem as much as other parts of the country. 24/7 Wall St. reviewed data from the Centers for the Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) and found Tennessee to be the least drunk state in the country with an 11.2 percent rate of adults drinking excessively and a 28 percent rate of alcohol-related driving fatalities.

However, not all of the cities in the state can brag about low rates. The report notes that Nashville is the drunkest metro area of the state and has the drunkest crashes and fatalities. This comes as no surprise given that the city is known as the Vegas of the east with its large share of music clubs and bars. Locals and tourists come to this city to have fun and relax, but their methods can place other drivers in danger.

Risky roads

Whether you are downtown or traveling on the highway, Nashville has a nonlinear road system that you may not be used to. It has streets that can quickly change names or shift directions, making it difficult to navigate in certain parts of the city.

Nashville is also home to some of the most notorious roads in the state when it comes to motor vehicle accidents such as Hickory Hollow Parkway and Interstate 40. Interstate 40, in particular, was determined to be the second most dangerous highway in America by Geotab thanks to its large volumes of traffic, uneven pavement, and roadways that are not straightforward.

An excess of vehicles

As Nashville has become a popular tourist town, expect to see a wide assortment of motor vehicles on these streets. You can find numerous motorcycles, bikes, trolleys, shuttles and buses on every corner. Buses tend to throw off motorists frequently. Tourist buses can be troublesome because they stop in the middle of the street to allow guests to check out a popular site.

Nashville is a fun city that provides numerous opportunities for tourists, and you should be spending your effort towards making memories rather than paying hospital bills. If you receive injuries from a motor vehicle accident during your time in Nashville, you should seek an attorney to help you obtain compensation.

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