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Motorcycle Accidents Frequently Caused by Negligent Motorists


Operating a motorcycle requires a level of skill and confidence that may not be required by the average motorist. Due to the fact that riders are more vulnerable to serious or life-threatening injuries in the event that they are involved in motorcycle accidents, the vast majority are diligent and pay close attention to their surroundings as they ride. Unfortunately, many tragic crashes are caused by the negligence of other motorists like the one that recently occurred in Crossville, Tennessee.

Police arrived at the scene of a collision between a motorcycle and a passenger vehicle. It was determined that the motorist was proceeding along a local road when he entered an intersection. Police stated that the 20-year-old man failed to yield the right-of-way to an oncoming motorcycle operated by a 44-year-old man.

The impact threw the rider from his motorcycle. He suffered a leg injury that was described as life-threatening. Emergency responders quickly applied life-saving measures, including the use of a tourniquet to the leg injury. Once the victim was considered stabilized, he was transported by helicopter to a nearby trauma center. The motorist was cited for failing to yield and neglecting to exercise caution.

Provided the victim survives his traumatic injuries, he will likely require an extended recovery and rehabilitation period. In spite of medical care, he may suffer permanent disabilities as a result of his injuries. Victims of motorcycle accidents may never fully recover their previous quality of life and may also be burdened by the economic damages that stem from medical bills, lost wages, and other associated losses. Those who are injured in a Tennessee accident that can be attributed to the negligence of another party may choose to seek compensation for their damages through the civil justice system.

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