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Motorcycle Accidents: Teen Driver Pulled out in Front of Rider


It is understandably easy to make a mistake when learning a new skill. Mistakes often help an individual improve on a learned skill. Unfortunately, a mistake made as a novice driver can result in serious or even fatal consequences for anyone on the roadway. Sadly, a new driver was recently involved in one of Tennessee's recent tragic motorcycle accidents.

According to reports, a 53-year-old man was riding his 2014 Harley-Davidson when the crash occurred. The crash occurred on a state route in the afternoon, and it involved a teenage driver operating a large pickup truck. Reportedly, the 16-year-old driver pulled out into the path of the motorcycle rider, resulting in the crash. 

Sadly, the rider's injuries were severe, and he did not survive the crash. Authorities reported that the young driver was not injured. It was not reported if the teenager received a traffic citation for his involvement in the accident.

All motor vehicle accidents are difficult to process, especially when they involve the death of a loved one.  There are medical bills, insurance claims and funeral expenses to sort through in the midst of grief. Motorcycle accidents can be especially tricky because there is often a stereotype associated with bike riders of reckless driving. Even in cases where another driver appears to be at fault for an accident, family members of deceased motorcycle riders may find the assistance of a Tennessee personal injury attorney to be a valuable help. Attorneys can help family members process insurance claims and/or file a wrongful death lawsuit if deemed appropriate to help cover medical and funeral expenses, as well as other damages recognized by applicable laws.

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