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How to Pass a Truck Safely

While everyone on the road should understand a truck’s visual limitations, it’s equally important that drivers of smaller vehicles use their understanding of the no-zone to pass trucks safely. Here’s how:

What is the No-Zone?

The no-zones are the areas of a commercial truck where the driver has little to no visibility. They encompass the following areas:

  • 20 feet in front of the vehicle
  • 30 feet behind the vehicle
  • Usually nothing for two lanes to the driver’s immediate right
  • The area directly to the left.

Approaching a Commercial Truck

Drivers should always be aware that most trucks drive under the speed limit. This might make it more difficult to realize how quickly you are approaching a semi-truck, and they will most likely not speed up.


Truck drivers should use signals to communicate lane changes or the presence of a trailer. Smaller vehicles should use visual signals and flashing lights to indicate lane changes. If drivers must pass, they should be very careful, as the lower visibility and vast size of trucks can cause them to maneuver unpredictably. Once in the no-zone, drivers should respect the extra time it takes to make the pass, and yield to heavy trucks stopped at a full-stop light or slow curve.

The Left Lane

The left lane is typically a legal passing zone if the lane is empty and there is no oncoming traffic. You Can Pass a Truck Legally If:

  • The oncoming lane is stopped
  • There is no oncoming traffic
  • There are no cars ahead of you (this isn’t always possible due to traffic or road conditions)
  • There is an indication that the lane is clear (curb or gas, brake lights, back of trailer lamps)

Building a Solid Claim on Your Behalf

There really is no such thing as a “minor” accident, and collisions with trucks are more than enough to cause life-altering or debilitating injuries that impact one’s daily life or require medical treatment. If you are ever injured in an accident, no matter the circumstances, we urge you to contact our Nashville car accident attorneys right away to learn more about your potential legal rights.

Remember, the insurance company’s job is to maximize its profits by denying or devaluing even valid claims. By choosing our firm to represent you, you choose dedicated legal advocates who will stop at nothing to get you the compensation and justice that you deserve.

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