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What Is a Runaway Truck?

What Is a Runaway Truck?

A runaway truck is a commercial vehicle that has completely lost the functions of its braking mechanism while on a downhill slope. These large vehicles have higher rates of experiencing this problem because of the vast size and weight of the rigs, which is multiplied by the items they may be hauling. When enough stress is put on the brakes due to overuse, the weight being carried, and the added sudden steep decline, trucks’ brakes sometimes can no longer function properly.

How Does This Happen?

Most commercial trucks are relatively old and have accumulated a lot of mileage in the process. Sometimes it is as simple as that.

However, there are many cases where a runaway truck is avoidable. Sometimes these crashes are caused because trucking companies are not fulfilling their responsibilities to regularly maintain all areas of the vehicle, including the braking mechanisms. This is required under federal laws, though some companies choose to cut corners anyway, risking the lives of the drivers employed under them and the other people on the road.

Safety Devices Implemented

Many mountainous areas of the country implement a device called a runaway truck ramp, or commonly referred to as a “truck escape ramp.”

This tool adds additional friction to the road by including sand or gravel to an incline. The ramps will veer away from the highways and add space for trucks that have lost control to get out of harm’s way safely, and the friction and incline will allow gravity to stop the vehicle on its own.

These ramps are clearly marked, and they provide ample room and time for these trucks to get out of the way.

Where to Turn When You’ve Been Impacted

If you or a loved one has received injuries due to being hit by a runaway truck, you need a team like Witherington Injury Law to help. We are devoted to helping our clients receive the maximum compensation possible for the damages they receive. Call our firm today, and we will set you up with a free consultation to review the details of your case.

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