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Personal Injury: Crash with Large Truck Results in Serious Injury


A motor vehicle accident can wreck an individual's day, week, month and/or year. A simple accident can result in property damage, and it can be a hassle filing insurance claims and scheduling repair work. More serious accidents can result in serious personal injury, which can change a victim's quality of life temporarily or permanently and result in considerable medical expenses. One Tennessee woman was in a serious accident recently, and the extent to which her injuries will impact her life is unknown.

The accident occurred in the middle of the day while the 54-year-old woman was driving east on U.S. 90. She was driving an SUV when a 38-year-old man turned into her path. The man was driving a U-Haul truck at the time of the accident. Reportedly, he had been stopped at a stop sign prior to pulling out in front of the woman's vehicle.

Sadly, the woman suffered serious injuries and is reported to be in critical condition. The U-Haul driver also suffered injuries, but he has been treated and is expected to survive. Authorities are expected to file charges related to the crash.

Tennessee attorneys understand that it is overwhelming to process the aftermath of any motor vehicle accident. Victims who suffer serious personal injury may find the process especially difficult and could benefit from the advice of an attorney. Attorneys can help victims file claims with the negligent individual's insurance provider or with their own insurance if needed. Some victims may find their expenses related to a crash may exceed their insurance limits, and they may wish to explore the option of a personal injury lawsuit with an attorney. 

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