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Car Accidents: Two Dead After Crash


The slightest distraction while operating a vehicle can be a danger to the driver and anyone around him or her on the roadway. Drivers with all levels of experience may experience serious and fatal car accidents as a result of distractions. It is unknown what events preceded a recent fatal accident in Tennessee, but two drivers are now dead as a result.

The accident occurred at night on a section of the road that is reportedly common for accidents. For unknown reasons, a retired police chief crossed a double yellow line in the road and struck a vehicle traveling in the opposite direction. His vehicle then struck a third vehicle operated by a 62-year old man.

Sadly, the retired police chief suffered serious injuries and did not survive the accident. The driver of the third vehicle also suffered serious injuries and recently died as a result. Authorities closed the northbound lanes of the road for several hours, and they are still investigating the crash. Officers released a reminder for all drivers to avoid distractions while driving to avoid similar tragic accidents such as this one.

Car accidents involving more than one vehicle are complicated. When deaths are involved, matters may be further complicated, and victims and families of deceased victims may have many questions about how to pay for medical and funeral expenses. Tennessee personal injury attorneys understand how to handle sensitive and complicated accidents and can advise victims of their options to file insurance claims and/or lawsuits in civil court.

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