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US Supreme Court Rules on Personal Injury Lawsuit


The Federal Tort Claims Act allows many government agencies to claim immunity from lawsuits, but there are some exceptions. When and how a government agency such as the Tennessee Valley Authority can face a personal injury lawsuit is confusing. Personal injury attorneys are familiar with the complexity and how unusual circumstances may warrant litigation, such as a case like a recent man's lawsuit following a boating accident involving the TVA.

A man and woman filed a lawsuit against the TVA following a fatal accident on the Tennessee River. During a boat ride with another man, the boat was struck by a large electrical conductor. The strange accident occurred as the TVA was trying to remove a power line from the river. Sadly, the other man suffered serious injuries and died.

The lawsuit recently made it all the way to the U.S. Supreme Court. The TVA argued that they were immune from negligence in their involvement in the accident. They claimed immunity because the TVA is a government agency established during the Great Depression. The attorneys for the boat riders argued that because the TVA was involved in commercial activities similar to private companies, they should not be immune to lawsuits. A Supreme Court Justice agreed that the TVA could face lawsuits in some cases, and the case has been sent back to a lower court.

Tennessee personal injury attorneys are equipped to handle all types of complex civil lawsuits. Attorneys understand that it is stressful following an accident involving injury and/or death. In addition to the emotional strain, many victims face financial stress. Attorneys can counsel victims about legal options to seek compensation for financial losses.

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