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Officer Suffers Personal Injury from Driver on ATV


Rules and laws for Tennessee roadways exist for the safety of all travelers, no matter what type of vehicle they travel. The laws also exist to protect travelers on foot. Sadly, a long-time police officer suffered serious personal injury after an unusual crash. He was hit and drug down the street by a four-wheeler traveling with a group of other reckless drivers on ATVs, motorcycles and dirt bikes.

Reportedly, dozens of drivers took to Tennessee roads on ATVs, motorcycles and dirt bikes. Witnesses report observing the drivers making wheelies, running red lights and making illegal turns as they traveled the streets. One report claimed that as many as 100 people traveled with the group.

A veteran officer was on foot on a downtown Nashville street when the group approached. A witness captured the officer being struck to the ground by an ATV. Unfortunately, the officer was caught on the vehicle and was drug down the street. He suffered injuries and remains in the hospital.

A personal injury such as this one can create serious disturbance in an individual's life and routine. Work is often missed, resulting in lost income. To make matters worse, expensive medical bills can accumulate quickly. As in this case, the officer likely has the option to file for workers' compensation insurance because he was injured while working, as well as the possibility to file a lawsuit in civil court against negligent drivers. Tennessee attorneys are skilled in advising clients on their best option to cover financial losses.

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