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School Bus Accident Results in Personal Injury of 5 Students


It is certainly alarming to hear that a child has been placed in harm's way, especially when in the care of someone else. Unfortunately, several Tennessee families received news that their children had been involved in a school bus wreck. Although no one suffered a serious personal injury, any injuries requiring medical attention can result in expensive medical bills.

The accident occurred as the bus was traveling to school early in the morning. Initial reports released by a school official state that the 59-year-old bus driver was distracted by bright sunlight as he drove around a curve. Investigators reported that the bus drove off the side of the road and flipped over into a ditch. Investigators indicated that recent rains and the soft ground next to the road may have contributed to the bus flipping over on its side.

Reports state that 13 students were on board the bus when the accident occurred. Five students suffered injuries; two students were transferred by ambulances to a medical center. Three other students were taken by private vehicles for treatment and evaluation. Injuries were non-life threatening, including chest cavity, wrist and knee sprains.

Following an accident, any injuries can result in unexpected medical expenses and financial burden. Ambulance rides, initial medical treatment, and any follow-up therapy are often more expensive than most victims realize. When accidents such as this one occur, it is often confusing to understand who is responsible for any resulting expenses. Tennessee personal injury attorneys can assist victims with understanding their legal rights and assist with any insurance claims that need to be filed. In accidents where a driver is deemed negligent, victims may choose to file a lawsuit in civil court.

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