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Victim suffers personal injury when car was crushed by concrete


Accidents occur on Tennessee roadways on a daily basis. Typically, many accidents will share similarities and may be the result of reckless, distracted driving and/or weather hazards. For one individual, he or she suffered personal injury from an unusual car accident that officials from the Tennessee Department of Transportation are saying is a "once-in-a-lifetime accident."

The unusual accident occurred at one of the busiest Tennessee interstate intersections at the I-75 and I-24 split. For unknown reasons, a large piece of a concrete railing fell from a bridge at the intersection onto a traveling vehicle below. The vehicle was crushed. The occupant was reported as injured, and the severity of the victim's injuries are unknown.

Officials are unsure how the concrete came loose from the bridge. Although the bridge was built in 1959, officials report that the bridge was officially inspected in 2018. Officials theorize that a large vehicle may have crashed into the concrete railing on the bridge, knocking the concrete loose, but no accidents with large vehicles on the bridge have been reported. Temporary repairs to the intersection are in progress, but permanent repairs are expected to take weeks.

In unusual accidents such as this one, it can be difficult for a victim to understand his or her rights. Personal injury from a car accident can result in long-lasting medical expenses, pain and lost income. Attorneys can assist victims with sorting through the details of difficult accidents such as this one. When no other negligent parties can be found, attorneys can assist victims with claims against their own insurance for financial losses.

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