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Truck Accidents: One Man Killed After Crash with Semi


Lives can change in a moment. Lives are quickly changed on Tennessee roadways every day as a result of car and truck accidents. Moments of drivers looking away from the road, texting, and driving, driving intoxicated, and more can all result in serious accidents. Sadly, a semi and a smaller vehicle crossed paths on a recent night resulting in the death of one man.

Very few details have been released in the pending investigation. Authorities have confirmed that the vehicles involved in the accident were a larger tractor-trailer truck and a smaller vehicle. Reportedly, the driver of the smaller vehicle was a 52-year-old man. No other drivers or passengers were identified to be involved in the wreck.

Sadly, the driver of the smaller vehicle did not survive his serious injuries. There were no other reports of injuries for anyone else involved. The wreck resulted in the unidentified cargo of the semi leaking on the roadway following the crash, resulting in a clean up of the scene that lasted hours.

Although the reasons for this accident are unclear at this time, truck accidents such as this one are not uncommon. Because tractor-trailers are typically much larger in size to other motor vehicles, a crash with one can result in serious injury and or death. Tennessee personal injury attorneys understand the difficulty of handling medical and funeral expenses following an unexpected tragedy and are available to assist families to process the collected evidence of an accident. In addition, they are experienced with truck companies and filing claims against insurance policies, making them a great resource. Some families may seek an attorney's advice by filing a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court when evidence of negligence exists.

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