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What is a Runaway Ramp?

a truck runaway ramp

Have you ever been driving down the highway and noticed a long stretch of shoulder that looks almost like a runway? This is called a runaway ramp, and it’s an important safety feature on many major highways.

What are Runaway Ramps?

Runaway ramps are specially designed stretches of highway shoulder designed to help truck drivers who have lost control of their vehicle due to mechanical problems or other issues. These ramps allow truck drivers to safely stop their vehicle without endangering other motorists by veering off the road or into oncoming traffic.

What is a Runaway Truck?

Trucks, at maximum capacity, can weigh upwards of 80,000 pounds. This can often make it more difficult to stop, as the increased weight puts added stress on the brakes. A runaway truck is a one that has lost its braking capacity due to mechanical failure or human error. If a driver is unable to control their vehicle, it creates a dangerous and potentially deadly situation for other motorists.

Types of Runaway Ramps

There are various different types of runaway ramp designs used throughout the country. Some designs include:

  • Gravity Escape Ramp - This type of ramp uses the force of gravity to slow a vehicle down. The truck will roll up the sloped ramp allowing it to eventually slow down.
  • Sand Pile Escape Ramp - This type of ramp consists of a pile of sand spread across the ramp. The sand helps provide friction for the truck's tires and slows it down.
  • Arrestor Bed - This type of ramp is made up of a bed filled with gravel, crushed rock or dirt. As the truck drives over the bed, its momentum is reduced as the tires churn through the gravel, eventually coming to a stop.
  • Mechanical-Arrestor Escape Ramp - This type of ramp uses stainless steel nets to stop the truck. As the truck drives over the ramp, it collides with the netting that catches and slows down the vehicle until it slows to a halt.

Trucking Accident Attorney in Nashville, TN

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