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Truck Accidents: Young Girl Dies from Injuries


A multitude of motor vehicles share Tennessee roadways in a wide range of sizes and weights. Smaller vehicles often do not fare well when they are involved in truck accidents due to the size difference. Unfortunately, smaller vehicles are at risk when negligent driving occurs such as distracted driving, trucker fatigue or inadequate maintenance of commercial trucks. Sadly, a Tennessee community is mourning the loss of a young girl following a fatal crash.

The 9-year-old girl was riding as a passenger in her mother's vehicle when the crash occurred. Reportedly a truck struck the vehicle from behind, resulting in the first crash. In a chain reaction of events, two other vehicles struck the vehicle. Unfortunately, the vehicle was struck on the passenger side where the young girl was riding.

Sadly, the girl suffered serious injuries and did not survive. Her mother also suffered serious injuries, but she is currently recovering in a medical center. The girl's church, school, and softball community are grieving her loss. Because the community understands the burden of medical and burial expenses, they have been supporting fundraisers for the family.

Fortunately, victims of truck accidents do not have to rely only on community support to help ease the burden of unexpected expenses during their period of grief. Tennessee personal injury attorneys understand that it is difficult enough to grieve the loss of a loved one, and they are able to assist families with filing insurance claims for compensation. Some families may instead wish to file a lawsuit in civil court for expenses not covered by insurance policies.

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