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Personal Injury: What Happens After a Scooter Accident?


Some people in Tennessee have discovered a new way to get around town. Electric scooters manufactured by companies such as Bird and Lime have begun operating in many areas by offering electric scooters for public use. Anyone in the city has the ability to rent a scooter by connecting it to an application on a smartphone. While the scooters are helping many people travel long distances in a shorter amount of time, riders could be at risk for personal injury.

Bird and Lime have created battery-operated scooters that are dropped in various locations throughout a city. The company works similar to ride-sharing companies such as Uber or Lyft. The scooters can be rented by anyone, as long as one has a matching application on a smartphone. The company is also creating jobs in cities in which the scooters are located by paying individuals to charge them on a daily basis.

The downside to using a shared scooter is riders are at risk for suffering serious personal injury should a collision occur, much like cyclists and pedestrians. Some areas might not allow scooters on sidewalks, and riders may thus be forced to share the road with much larger motor vehicles. Riders are not required to use helmets, which could place them at a greater risk of suffering a head injury in the event of an accident.

Injuries suffered during a scooter accident can result in expensive and extensive medical treatment and therapy. If another driver's negligent actions cause an accident, the victim could be entitled to pursue restitution through a claim against the responsible party's insurance or through a lawsuit in civil court for any damages above insurance claims.  Personal injury attorneys in Tennessee are equipped to advise individuals on the available options to pursue the full amount of compensation deserved and assist them in navigating the process.

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