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Motorcycle Accidents Occur During "Ride to the Wall"


Every year, motorcyclists from Tennessee and across the country participate in an event called "Ride to the Wall." The event aims to honor fallen men and women from the Vietnam War and other wars as well as bringing awareness that many Americans are still listed as prisoners of war or missing in action. Sadly, one of the convoys headed to Washington experienced motorcycle accidents in Tennessee after a collision occurred with a tractor-trailer.

Due to the pending investigation, details are not yet clear on the events that led up to the collision. At some point, one of the motorcycle riders headed to Washington collided with a tractor-trailer. In the process, the motorcycle became caught on the truck and was dragged. As a result, the motorcycle and truck both caught fire.

Due to their proximity to the collision, other motorcyclists crashed as well. The first rider and at least one other rider were injured and required medical treatment, but the extent of their injuries is unknown. Although the truck caught fire, the truck driver was uninjured.

Motorcycle accidents are tricky to process. Often, authorities have pre-conceived notions about how a rider was operating his or her bike due to the stereotype that motorcyclists are often risky and reckless. Although conclusions of investigations are supposed to be drawn from evidence and facts at the scene of the accident, investigators are human and may unknowingly interject their own opinions. Victims of complicated accidents often find the assistance of an experienced personal injury attorney in Tennessee helpful as they process the investigation results and any claims that need to be filed.

Source:, "Motorcycle convoy crashes with a tractor-trailer on I-81", Rain Smith, May 23, 2018

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