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Summer Road Hazards You Can’t Control


For many, the summer road trip is a great way for people to get about and see the most beautiful parts of Nashville and the surrounding area. However, summer is also one of the most dangerous times to be on the roads for a certain segment of the population.

The Tennessee Highway Patrol considers the span of days between Memorial Day and Labor Day to be one of the most dangerous for teen drivers. Every year when schools let out for the summer the rate of teenager related crashes and deaths skyrocket across the state. Parents should take matters into their own hands to keep their teen drivers as safe as possible.

Emphasizing safe driving techniques

The best way to ensure your child understands a vital aspect of car safety is to teach them yourself. Inexperienced drivers cause many accidents across the country, but taking the time to guide your kids will keep them from becoming statistics. Every new driver needs to know about:

  • Respecting speed limits: For a new driver, the speed limit is the most important law to follow. Not only does it keep them from getting into legal trouble with tickets, but it also teaches them about using safe speeds in difficult areas.
  • Emphasizing turning signals: The hardest thing to remember for a new driver is signaling before switching lanes and turning. Learning that habit will save a lot of difficulty in heavily congested driving.
  • Proper visual lines: It takes a while for anyone to figure out how to keep track of everything while driving a car. Give your kid the benefit of your experience by walking them through your mirror set up.

Additionally, some figures state that nighttime driving accounts for a most fatal accidents happen at night. During this season consider restricting or cutting nighttime driving altogether for your son or daughter.

Safe teens mean safe roads

When you focus on helping your teenaged child become the best driver possible you save them and you save others from one of the worst situations imaginable.

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