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Are Lime Scooters Dangerous?

Young man rides an e-scooter through the city

Electric scooters are relatively new to the transportation industry, which means there aren’t heaps of data regarding the safety of these scooters. However, based on the currently available data, electric scooters may not be as dangerous as you’d think.

While people have died while riding electric scooters, the dangers that led to these deaths may not be because of the scooters themselves. Here’s what you should know:

The Vast Majority of E-Scooter Accidents are Caused by Drivers

During 2019, there were a total of 18 fatal accidents related to electric scooters. Of these accidents, 16 of them were the result of a collision with a motor vehicle.

One of the people who died on an e-scooter in 2019 collided with another electric scooter rider. The other remaining e-scooter death was the result of the rider striking a tree.

This data shows that it may not be the electric scooters that are unsafe, but instead, the current infrastructure does not provide enough protection to vulnerable road users.

E-Scooters are Just as Dangerous as Bicycles

Studies show that electric scooters are no more dangerous than bicycles. In fact, bicycles may even be more dangerous than e-scooters because of riding behaviors. Data supports the notion that cyclists are significantly more likely to run red lights than people riding scooters, particularly because they must generate their own power when coming to a stop, whereas scooter riders have a throttle that makes the scooter scoot.

Ultimately, the data suggest that electric scooter riders are no more vulnerable than cyclists.

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