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Common E-Scooter Injuries

Young woman puts on a helmet before getting on the electric scooter next to her

You’ve seen people riding them around Honky Tonk Row. Most of the time riders aren’t wearing helmets or any other protective gear.

While e-scooters solve various low-cost transportation problems, they also have the potential to cause serious damage. It is possible for just one tumble to cause lifelong harm.

Here are some common injuries sustained in e-scooter accidents:

Head and Neck Injuries

Once rideshare e-scooter programs were introduced to cities across the nation in 2017, overall injuries increased 3.5 times. Staggeringly, head and neck injuries rose 4.5 times.

According to a study by the Henry Ford Health System, 28% of people studied who were injured in e-scooter accidents sustained head and neck injuries. The head and neck damages most commonly experienced in e-scooter crashes were:

  • Internal organs, including brain injuries - 32.5%
  • Lacerations - 24.9%
  • Contusions and abrasions - 15.6%
  • Concussions - 11.1%
  • Fractures - 7.8%

Head and neck injuries always need to be checked out by a doctor immediately. These are not injuries you can afford to wait and seek care for.

Broken Bones

Broken bones are another common injury sustained in e-scooter accidents. The skull and nose are the bones broken most often, followed by neck and facial fractures.

Broken bones are very serious injuries and always need to be treated with the help of a doctor. Complex fractures have the potential to cause irreversible damage and may even be life-threatening.

Road Rash

Road rash injuries are a kind of friction burn or skin abrasion that can result from scraping the skin against a rough surface.

While these types of injuries tend to be relatively minor and can often be treated at home, these injuries have the potential to be much more severe and require the help of a physician.

Additionally, it’s critical to address road rash injuries right away in order to avoid infection. If an infection occurs, healing the wound will be substantially more difficult.

If you’ve been injured in a Bird or Lime e-scooter accident through no fault of your own, you may be entitled to compensation. Let our team see if we can help you recover it.

Call our experienced Nashville team at Witherington Injury Law today at (615) 697-6503 for a free consultation.

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