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How Are Truck Accidents Unique?

Young boy wearing a blue t-shirt stands in front of a teal semi-truck that's been smashed in an accident

It goes without saying, truck accidents are quite different from car accidents in many ways. Not only are trucks bigger and heavier than passenger vehicles are, but they also have different driving habits than passenger vehicles.

Read on to learn more about how truck accidents differ from passenger car accidents.

Common Truck Accidents

There are several different ways that trucks can become involved in accidents on the road. However, the following list provides some of the most common accidents:

  • Tire blowouts - If you’ve ever experienced a blowout while driving your car, you know how frightening and dangerous it can be. Now, imagine amplifying that by 10. That’s what it’s like when a truck experiences a blowout. While blowouts can cause vehicles to lose control, skilled drivers should be able to move the vehicle over to the side of the road without issue. However, it’s common for semi-truck divers to lose control of their trucks when they experience blowouts.

  • Rollover accidents - For cars, rollover crashes tend to happen when the driver is speeding. For trucks, rollover crashes tend to happen when a truck is driving around a curve or on a steep incline/decline. The driver loses control when the rolling begins, and catastrophic damage may occur as a result.

  • Jackknife accidents - This kind of accident results in the cab of the trailer heading one direction and the trailer facing another. These accidents can be the result of bad road elements, inadequate braking, or faulty equipment.

  • Underside accidents - This kind of accident occurs when a truck suddenly stops and the vehicle behind it drives right beneath the truck. These accidents tend to result in fatality for the passenger car driver and the total demolition of the car.

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