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Tennessee Worker Transported to Hospital After Truck Accident


The construction industry is known to be high risk for on-the-job injuries. Depending on a particular worker's assigned duties and the circumstances surrounding a specific project, the injury risk may be quite high. Many accidents involving construction workers also involve others, such as passing motorists, if a job site happens to be located near traffic. A truck accident recently occurred in Tennessee that sent a worker to the hospital with injuries.

The investigation following the collision is still active at this time. As often happens in such situations, there are numerous questions that remain unanswered. The severity of the worker's condition was not publicized. The worker in question was in a bucket truck when the crash occurred; however, no information was provided as to whether he was in the cab of the truck or the bucket at the time.

What is known thus far is that a tractor-trailer hit the bucket truck. It also reportedly slammed into a traffic light pole. After rescue workers transported the injured construction worker to the hospital for treatment, traffic lanes were blocked at the intersection where the truck hit the lights.

When a Tennessee worker is injured on the job, he or she is responsible for reporting the injury to his or her employer. In many instances, injured workers may also have cause to file personal injury claims in civil court. This is especially true if their injuries are determined to have been caused by driver negligence. An experienced attorney can explain the process and help seek maximum compensation for damages.

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