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How Smartphone Addictions and Car Accidents Are Related


Most adults in Tennessee either own a smartphone or know someone who does. Such devices took surfing the internet, cellular phone communication, and advanced technology in general to a whole new level. The problem is that many people are now addicted to their smartphones and evidence suggests this may be closely related to an increase in car accidents.

Smartphone addiction often includes certain symptoms such as having trouble sleeping, irritability when denied access to one's phone and losing track of time due to excessive smartphone use. As with other types of addiction, a smartphone addict doesn't typically take well to suggestions that he or she has a problem. Current data shows at least one in eight people are addicted to smartphones.

When a person is addicted to drugs, alcohol, pornography or a smartphone, he or she may go to great lengths to satisfy the desire for satisfaction that the "drug of choice" provides. Regarding smartphones, this unfortunately often means a person will use his or her phone while driving. Even though there are laws against this in most states, it doesn't guarantee that every motorist will adhere.

Tennessee car accidents often have disastrous, if not fatal, results. If someone suffers injury because another driver was using a smartphone at the time the collision occurred, he or she can seek financial recovery for losses by filing a personal injury claim in a civil court. Successful litigation often leads to court-awarded compensation that can help offset expenses associated with a particular distracted driving accident.

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