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How Should Motorcyclists Listen to Music on the Road?


There aren’t too many motorists and pedestrians in Nashville that don’t enjoy cranking out the tunes on the way to their destination. While music can certainly enhance your trip, it could also potentially distract you or affect your performance to the point where you end up in a major accident.

Out of the modes of transportation, motorcyclists are at a major disadvantage when it comes to listening while driving. Pedestrians aren’t always on the road and go at a much slower pace. Cars provide much more protection if the driver were to hit something or someone. If a motorcyclist gets too distracted by music, they can get themselves and others around them seriously hurt. They need to approach the issue differently and should think about how they want to listen to their favorite songs on the road by considering the following options:

The speaker and stereos

Listening to the music with the built-in stereo system is one of the older traditions amongst bikers. There isn’t anything covering their ears besides their helmets, and they can control it just like a car driver does with their radio. One major difference is that cars can keep the music contained within their vehicles by rolling up the windows. Motorcyclists should avoid playing their favorite stations on excessively high volumes not just to stay more focused on the road, but to avoid distracting the other drivers on the road. They might start looking around to find the source if your music is blasting and may end up hitting someone or something in the process.


There are several different variations of headphones that you can have on you while you are riding, and all come with their pros and cons. Some may be tempted to purchase noise-canceling headphones so they can block out all the sound around them to focus more on their playlists. However, this is ill-advised if you are going through the busier streets of Nashville or are taking a trip down the highway. You’ll need to hear some of the other sounds of the street if you want to be aware of what’s around you. Lighter headphones like earbuds may provide a better sound balance, just make sure to get ones that fit and won’t feel uncomfortable during your ride.

Bluetooth helmet

Several helmets today can connect to phones thanks to Bluetooth. You wouldn’t have to worry about awkwardly fitting in headphones or blasting the speakers to overpower the wind. Additionally, you can connect to an intercom to talk to anyone riding with you or someone calling you on their cell phone. The only downsides are that they aren’t cheaper than the other two options and you’ll have to learn how to safely switch functions on the road without getting distracted.

Unfortunately, some drivers and bikers get too carried away with the music. If you are hurt by a distracted driver during your ride home, contact a local motor vehicle accident attorney to help you seek compensation.

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