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Truck Accidents: 14 Vehicles Crashed at Intersection


One witness of a recent multi-vehicle accident in Tennessee made a claim that drivers can drive for other people by being aware of their surroundings at all times. She made the claim in a video news report that accompanied by a news article about the crash. She described the 14-vehicle accident as like a ping pong machine because of how the cars continued to strike each other. Sadly, the accident was similar to other truck accidents resulting in injuries and property damage.

Because of the number of vehicles involved in the accident, authorities are still unclear what events may have preceded the crash. The accident occurred at a busy intersection near a gas station where multiple witnesses were present. Some witnesses claimed that a semitrailer appeared to be having trouble coming to a stop and struck several cars. The chain reaction resulted in other cars striking more cars.

Unfortunately, one vehicle became trapped under the big rig. It eventually caught fire, and its occupants were reportedly trapped. Three victims suffered unknown injuries and another victim did not survive. At this time authorities are unclear if criminal charges will be filed.

When complicated car or truck accidents occur such as this one, victims may have a difficult time sorting through the aftermath. Injuries and property damage can result in serious financial stress for victims following an accident. A Tennessee personal injury attorney can help process insurance claims and/or explore a personal injury lawsuit in pursuit of monetary damages. A lawyer can also help the surviving family of a deceased victim deal with related legal issues, including the possibility of a wrongful death claim against the party or parties deemed responsible for the accident. 

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