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Truck Accidents: Loose Metal from Semi Results in Death


In a recent article, the Tennessee Truck Driving School has stated that it educates drivers on the importance of safety while driving in addition to operating instructions. Important safety measures taught include thorough truck inspections, maintenance and road rules. Part of a safety inspection can include removing small rocks from tires, securing truck parts and contents, and ensuring systems such as the brakes are in working order to prevent truck accidents. Sadly, a loose truck piece is the reason one family is grieving the recent death of a loved one.

While driving on a Tennessee interstate, an unsuspecting driver became the causality of a loose piece of a tractor-trailer. At some point, a piece of metal came loose on a semi and struck the windshield of the driver, resulting in that person's death. The driver's identity was not released.

The investigation is pending, and authorities have requested witnesses to report any information they may have related to the accident. At this time, authorities do not know which truck is responsible for the loose piece of metal. Unfortunately, it is possible authorities may never know.

When fatal truck accidents such as this one occur, it is a life-changing event for surviving family members. Families are left to cope without family members, and they may face unexpected burial expenses. In cases where assumed negligent drivers are known, families may have the opportunity to file a wrongful death lawsuit with the assistance of a Tennessee attorney. In cases such as this one where responsible parties may not be available, attorneys can help families file claims against personal insurance policies to help with related financial burdens.

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