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Man Suffers Serious Personal Injury After School Bus Crash


A Tennessee State trooper witnessed and helped rescue a victim from a recent horrific motor vehicle collision. The crash occurred between a public school bus and an SUV. Sadly, the driver of the SUV suffered serious personal injury and remains under medical care. 

A trooper was nearby when he witnessed the crash. Reportedly, the school bus pulled out into the path of the SUV, resulting in the collision. Fortunately, the bus driver was on his way to pick up elementary-aged students, and no children were on the bus at the time of the accident.

The collision resulted in the SUV catching fire, which rapidly spread to the bus. The trooper reported that he attempted to extinguish the flames, but he was unsuccessful. He was successful in pulling the SUV driver from his vehicle, however. The SUV driver remains under medical care in serious condition, but the bus driver was examined and suffered no injuries. Traffic was understandably delayed at the intersection as the pending investigation began and the accident was cleared. 

Any time an accident occurs with a vehicle owned by a large business or organization, accident victims may find the insurance claims process complicated and difficult. Because of the expected complications, the advice of a Tennessee personal injury attorney is often helpful, and it may be comforting for injured individuals to know there is someone advocating for their needs. If related medical and property damage expenses exceed insurance policy limits, an attorney can provide information for victims to consider a lawsuit in civil court.

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