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Car Accidents: Woman Killed and Man Injured in Crash


Tennessee drivers are responsible for their own safety and for the safety of others on the road around them, whether those other individuals are pedestrians, bicycle riders or individuals in other vehicles. In addition to looking out for others on the road, drivers are also responsible for the safety of the passengers in their vehicles and could be held liable for personal injury passengers suffer in serious car accidents. One man has recently been charged with the injuries and death that resulted from a passenger in his vehicle after he crashed into a tree.

Although the investigation is pending, authorities have sorted out some details of the crash. Reportedly, the driver was speeding around a curve just prior to the crash and lost control of his vehicle. Unfortunately, he crashed into a tree, and he was injured after he was ejected from his vehicle. His 22-year-old passenger was sadly killed as a result of the crash.

Authorities report that neither occupant was wearing seatbelts, but authorities question whether or not restraints would have changed the outcome of this particular crash. Toxicology reports on both the driver and the passenger are pending. The driver is facing charges for his actions prior to the crash.

Regardless of any criminal charges against the driver, the family of a deceased passenger could choose to file a wrongful death lawsuit in civil court. While the thought of a lawsuit may seem overwhelming to some families in their time of grief, some find it to be the right decision. Tennessee personal injury attorneys are familiar with the devastation and the financial stress that can occur after car accidents and are able to advise families of their legal options.

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