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5 Tennessee Driving Laws You Should Know About

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Both residents of Tennessee and visitors alike should be aware of certain laws that can impact drivers.

Here are five Tennessee driving laws you should know:

#1 - Texting While Driving Law

TCA 55-8-199

It is illegal to text while driving in Tennessee.

#2 - Move Over Law

TCA 55-8-132

When a stopped emergency vehicle has visual emergency lights turned on, you must yield the right-of-way to the vehicle by getting into the lane farthest from the emergency vehicle. If you are unable to safely move completely out of the way, slow down and provide as much space as possible.

#3 - Speeding in Construction Zones Law

TCA 55-8-153

You must obey all posted speed limits at all times, particularly in construction zones. Violating this law can land you a $250 fine.

#4 - Tennessee’s DUI Law and Penalties

TCA 55-10-401 and 55-10-403

If your Blood Alcohol Concentration (BAC) is 0.08% or higher, you are presumed to be intoxicated. If you’re caught driving under the influence of drugs or alcohol, you face at least a $350 fine and 48 hours in jail.

#5 - Child Restraint Devices Law

TCA 55-9-602

Any child eight years of age or younger must be secured in a Child Restraint Device.

Until Age 1 or 20 Pounds

A rear-facing child restraint device is required in the rear seat until age one or until the child exceeds 20 lbs.

Ages 1-3 and Heavier Than 20 Pounds

Children aged one to three years who weigh more than 20 lbs must sit in a child restraint device facing forward in the rear seat.

Ages 4-8 and Less Than Four-Feet, Nine Inches

Children aged four to eight years and shorter than four feet, nine inches (4’9”) in height must sit in a booster seat in the back seat.

Children Older Than Nine Years

Children aged nine years and older must be secured by a safety belt.

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