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Legal Support Is Often Needed After a Personal Injury Occurs


Before this year ends, many Tennessee residents will be injured. Some will be involved in workplace accidents. Others may wind up with serious injuries after car accidents or mishaps on another person's property. In addition to medical attention, it is helpful to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney if another person's negligence was a causal factor in a particular incident.

A moderate to severe injury might prevent you from returning to work right away. In fact, in some accidents, injuries might be so serious that a victim is never able to go back to work due to permanent disabilities. During recovery, medical bills, your mortgage payment, and other expenses keep rolling in.

If you are paid by the hour and do not receive pay for time off, an extended recovery period can lead to financial distress. In such situations, people often wind up paying their bills with credit cards, which can make matters even worse in the long run. If you were not at fault in a collision or were injured at work due to another person's negligence, an experienced attorney can help you assess whether grounds exist to file a personal injury claim in civil court.

Witherington Law, PLLC can provide guidance and support to help you navigate the civil justice system while seeking financial recovery for your losses. In a personal injury case, the plaintiff is tasked with providing evidence to convince the court that the defendant owed a duty to you and was negligent in a manner that caused or substantially contributed to the injuries you suffered. Our experienced Tennessee legal team is committed to helping you recover the maximum available compensation.

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