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Car Accidents: Dealing with the Aftermath Can Be Frustrating


If you're driving along a Tennessee roadway and another vehicle crashes into yours, the rest of your day will undoubtedly not be going as planned. Depending on the details of your situation, the weeks and months ahead, or even the rest of your life, maybe challenging. Surviving car accidents and obtaining full recovery are two very different things.

If you suffer moderate to severe injuries in a motor vehicle collision, the hours that follow may be filled with an ambulance or helicopter transport to a hospital or trauma center. Then, you will face medical examinations or perhaps even emergency surgery, if needed. You might spend the night in the hospital or even several days or longer. The recovery process typically does not end when you return home either; in fact, it is often only beginning.

You might need repeated visits to a physical therapy center to help you regain full use of your body. If you suffered a debilitating injury, you might have a lifetime disability that requires specialized care to learn how to function on a daily basis. If your vehicle sustained severe damage or was totaled, you'll also likely have to find a replacement, especially if you are able to return to work and need your car to get there. Medical bills and other expenses associated with your situation may spark tremendous financial challenges as well.

The Tennessee civil justice system recognizes that car accidents often cause damages in addition to physical injuries. If another person's negligence caused the collision that resulted in the injuries you've suffered, you may have grounds to seek financial recovery for your losses in court. Witherington Law, PLLC, is an experienced legal team that can help you determine the maximum compensation for which you might be eligible and can act on your behalf to seek justice against the driver deemed responsible for your injuries.

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