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Attorneys Can Help Victims of Car Accidents in Tennessee


Road signs, turn lanes, driver's education and other safety awareness are promoted to help ensure the safety of drivers and riders on Tennessee roadways. Despite multiple avenues of effort to keep the roads safe, car accidents continue to occur. Unfortunately, many accidents result in serious injuries that can result in life changes and quality of life. Through insurance claims or a lawsuit with the help of a personal injury attorney, some victims are able to gain financial compensation to cover related costs.

One young female has become the unfortunate victim of a recent crash. According to a witness and the 20-year-old female, she was at a standstill in a turn lane waiting to turn when the crash occurred. Another 79-year-old female driver apparently swerved and struck the younger woman's car.

The younger driver suffered injuries and was transported to a nearby medical center for treatment. Her condition was not reported. It was also not reported if the older woman suffered any injuries or will face any charges related to the accident.

It is often difficult to process insurance claims in the midst of medical treatment and headaches that can result from car accidents. In addition, some car insurance policies are limited to the amount of compensation offered for car accidents, and some victims may need more compensation for medical expenses and other damages than a claim will cover. Tennessee personal injury attorneys are experienced with handling similar car accidents and can assist victims with insurance claims or filing a lawsuit in civil court if desired.

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