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Tennessee Ranks High for Deadly Car Crashes


Any Tennessean will proudly boast about our state’s many virtues, including beautiful scenery, great music, and friendly people. It’s no wonder that our residents are so proud of where they live.

But Tennessee also has its downsides. One is that our state ranks among the highest in the nation for fatal car accidents. A recent list compiled from data gathered by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) shows just how deadly our state can be for drivers.

Over a thousand deadly crashes

According to the NHTSA, Tennessee ranks 12th highest in the nation for car accident-related fatalities. The organization examined data from every state in the country to compile its statistics. Then, it tallied the total number of fatal accidents in every state. According to the research, Tennessee saw 1,041 total fatal car accidents in 2016. Of these, 48 were hit-and-runs.

The state with the highest number of deadly car accidents? California, with 3,623 fatalities, 337 of which were hit-and-runs.

Dangerous roads for Tennesseeans

This data is very disconcerting, and not only because of the high number of fatalities. No one wants to think of their friends, family or Tennessean neighbors as victims—or perpetrators—of fatal car accidents. These statistics are a sad reminder that fatal car crashes in Tennessee happen far too often.

Fortunately, the victims of car accidents do have legal recourse available. It is possible to pursue civil action to recoup compensation for damages and hold the perpetrator accountable. Every Tennessee resident who has been involved in an automobile accident or who has loved a loved one to a fatal crash should know that they do have legal options. Sometimes, taking legal action is the best way to hold a deadly driver responsible and help reduce the rate of dangerous driving in our state.

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