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Truck accidents: The aftermath can be highly stressful

Tennessee highways can be dangerous, as anyone who regularly travels throughout the state can attest. Many high-risk situations result in truck accidents, which are especially tragic when fatalities occur or when children are involved. A recent incident resulted in four deaths, and has left a family not only reeling with grief but also speaking out against highway patrol investigators.

Tennessee worker transported to hospital after truck accident

The construction industry is known to be high risk for on-the-job injuries. Depending on a particular worker's assigned duties and the circumstances surrounding a specific project, the injury risk may be quite high. Many accidents involving construction workers also involve others, such as passing motorists, if a job site happens to be located near traffic. A truck accident recently occurred in Tennessee that sent a worker to the hospital with injuries.

Proposed easing of law increases fears of future truck accidents

Trucking industry advocates support the efforts to ease restrictions that limit the numbers of hours that truckers are permitted to drive. Current laws dictate the number of consecutive hours that a truck driver can drive. Though truckers may benefit economically, travelers in Tennessee and elsewhere may be more at risk from truck accidents caused by fatigued drivers.

Truck accidents: One man killed after crash with semi

Lives can change in a moment. Lives are quickly changed on Tennessee roadways every day as a result of car and truck accidents. Moments of drivers looking away from the road, texting and driving, driving intoxicated, and more can all result in serious accidents. Sadly, a semi and a smaller vehicle crossed paths on a recent night resulting in the death of one man.

Truck accidents: Loose metal from semi results in death

In a recent article, the Tennessee Truck Driving School has stated that it educates drivers on the importance of safety while driving in addition to operating instructions. Important safety measures taught include thorough truck inspections, maintenance and road rules. Part of a safety inspection can include removing small rocks from tires, securing truck parts and contents, and ensuring systems such as the brakes are in working order to prevent truck accidents. Sadly, a loose truck piece is the reason one family is grieving the recent death of a loved one.

Truck accidents: Young girl dies from injuries

A multitude of motor vehicles share Tennessee roadways in a wide range of sizes and weight. Smaller vehicles often do not fare well when they are involved in truck accidents due to the size difference. Unfortunately, smaller vehicles are at risk when negligent driving occurs such as distracted driving, trucker fatigue or inadequate maintenance of commercial trucks. Sadly, a Tennessee community is mourning the loss of a young girl following a fatal crash.

Truck accidents: 14 vehciles crashed at intersection

One witness of a recent multi-vehicle accident in Tennessee made a claim that drivers can drive for other people by being aware of their surroundings at all times. She made the claim in a video news report that accompanied by a news article about the crash. She described the 14-vehicle accident as like a ping pong machine because of how the cars continued to strike each other. Sadly, the accident was similar to other truck accidents resulting in injuries and property damage.

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