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Why should you bear the financial burden for personal injury?

If you are driving along a Tennessee highway and another motorist causes a collision by failing to yield the right-of-way, an otherwise uneventful day might turn into a chaotic series of events that includes you being transported to a local hospital. If you suffer personal injury in a motor vehicle collision accident, it is always best to accept medical care, even if you do not have immediately apparent injuries. Traumatic brain injury, internal organ damage and other issues may not present symptoms for hours, or even days later.

A connection between personal injury and hands-free devices?

Most Tennessee motorists carry some type of electronic equipment in their vehicles. Such items might include cellphones, iPods or GPS gadgets. Many people believe that as long as they use hands-free devices, they will be safe from personal injury. Evidence suggests this is not always the case.

Legal support is often needed after a personal injury occurs

Before this year ends, many Tennessee residents will be injured. Some will be involved in workplace accidents. Others may wind up with serious injuries after car accidents or mishaps on another person's property. In addition to medical attention, it is helpful to speak with an experienced personal injury attorney if another person's negligence was a causal factor in a particular incident.

Man suffers personal injury after hit and run accident on bike

Hit-and-run accidents are taken very seriously by authorities in Tennessee and across the county. When accidents occur, there are consequences for victims involved as well as individuals whose negligent actions may have contributed to a crash. It is certainly upsetting for victims to learn that negligent drivers do not remain at the scene of a crash, but most find assurance with authorities' diligence to locate hit-and-run drivers. Sadly, one family is faced with unanswered questions, following the death of their loved one who suffered a fatal personal injury in a hit-and-run crash.

Personal injury: Crash with large truck results in serious injury

A motor vehicle accident can wreck an individual's day, week, month and/or year. A simple accident can result in property damage, and it can be a hassle filing insurance claims and scheduling repair work. More serious accidents can result in serious personal injury, which can change a victim's quality of life temporarily or permanently and result in considerable medical expenses. One Tennessee woman was in a serious accident recently, and the extent to which her injuries will impact her life are unknown.

US Supreme Court rules on personal injury lawsuit

The Federal Tort Claims Act allows many government agencies to claim immunity from lawsuits, but there are some exceptions. When and how a government agency such as the Tennessee Valley Authority can face a personal injury lawsuit is confusing. Personal injury attorneys are familiar with the complexity and how unusual circumstances may warrant litigation, such as a case like a recent man's lawsuit following a boating accident involving the TVA.

Victim suffers personal injury when car was crushed by concrete

Accidents occur on Tennessee roadways on a daily basis. Typically, many accidents will share similarities and may be the result of reckless, distracted driving and/or weather hazards. For one individual, he or she suffered personal injury from an unusual car accident that officials from the Tennessee Department of Transportation are saying is a "once-in-a-lifetime accident."

Officer suffers personal injury from driver on ATV

Rules and laws for Tennessee roadways exist for the safety of all travelers, no matter what type of vehicle they travel. The laws also exist to protect travelers on foot. Sadly, a long-time police officer suffered serious personal injury after an unusual crash. He was hit and drug down the street by a four-wheeler traveling with a group of other reckless drivers on ATVs, motorcycles and dirt bikes.

School bus accident results in personal injury of 5 students

It is certainly alarming to hear that a child has been placed in harm's way, especially when in the care of someone else. Unfortunately, several Tennessee families received news that their children had been involved in a school bus wreck. Although no one suffered a serious personal injury, any injuries requiring medical attention can result in expensive medical bills.

Cell phone distraction results in man's fatal personal injury

Families of deceased victims involved in motor vehicle accidents often find it overwhelming to process insurance claims, police reports, medical and burial expenses. In cases where the findings of an accident are complicated and difficult to understand, families may find the assistance of a personal injury attorney helpful when processing the aftermath of a fatal accident. The Tennessee Highway Patrol is currently investigating a crash involving a motorist and a bicycle rider that resulted in the rider's death.

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