Injured As A Guest In Our City?

Not Everybody Who Gets Hurt In Nashville Lives In Nashville

Nashville is a popular destination for music lovers, tourists and others who may be visiting on vacation or business. The last thing you expect when you go out of town, however, is to get hurt. But with all the festivals, concerts and other events that happen regularly in Nashville, it's no surprise that visitors sometimes end up injured through someone else's negligence. At Witherington Law, PLLC, we can represent people who get hurt while visiting our city.

How Visitors Get Injured

There are many ways someone just passing through town could end up injured. They could get in a car or bus accident, they could trip and fall on festival grounds, they could be injured on a collapsing deck or other structure or they could be injured in one of the city's many hotels. No matter why you were visiting Nashville, if you got injured while here, it can help to have a lawyer in the city. Whether you're still here or have since gone home, our law firm is available to help you. We are committed to providing strong legal assistance to injured tourists or other visitors who have been hurt while visiting Tennessee.

Let Us Know What Happened

If you were hurt while on vacation in Nashville and you aren't sure how to start seeking compensation, call us first. To schedule your free initial consultation with an attorney, either call us at 615-679-9980 or send us an email to fill us in on your situation.